The Evesham Stick Dance

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The Evesham Stick Dance

The Evesham Stick Dance

A traditional dance, which has been adapted by Alvechurch Morris. In its original form this dance was one of the first to be performed in public by Alvechurch Morris.

After being “rested” for a few years, it was resurrected and modified by the addition of the “Stanley” in the crossover and the random nature of the last sticks, which MUST be performed with enthusiasm and menace and the Evesham Stick Dance has now become our “opening” dance.

Evesham Song.

There Ain't No Hair On Our Cats Tail!
There Ain't No Hair On Tiny!
But I Know Where There's Lots Of Hair!
On The Girl I Left Behind Me!

The Evesham Stick Dance Music

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